Saturday, June 1, 2013

In The Beginning...


As this is the first post, it seems necessary to lay out what this blog is and its objectives, as well as to introduce myself.

This blog will feature step-by-step tutorials on pencil and charcoal sketching. Various subjects will serve as the basis for each tutorial, that is, each post will detail how to draw all manner of animals, objects, people, and even fantasy subjects.

Also, other media will be explored; in addition to charcoal and graphite, tutorials in using colored pencils will be posted somewhere down the line. The drawing which appears at the header to this blog is a personal colored pencil rendering. In the main, however, this site will specifically focus on charcoal and graphite sketching.

I am beholden to the more aesthetic; that is, I love the pencil and paint brush with the natural art these traditional instruments create, as opposed to the more mechanical methods of creating artwork, such as digital illustrations done with computer software and the like. As such, there will be no content on this blog exploring art of a digital nature.

As this is the commencement of this site, there are no tutorials as of this time posted. But rest assured that in the coming days and weeks, there will be plentiful subjects for the student or enthusiast of drawing to choose from!

The best part of this blog is that it is free!

I am a college-educated graphic designer who loves to draw in my spare time. It is my joy to share it with you!